Beginners Workout Program

free 2 week workout program for beginners

Here are the EXACT workouts I did for the first 2 weeks of my 12 Week Transformation Challenge. Basically, this 2 week program will help you figure out what your fitness level is, so you can get started on a fitness journey, to get in shape, and feel great about your body.

***IMPORTANT*** READ THIS SECTION FIRST! Measure your body. Don’t just use a scale to determine if you body is changing. Measurements are way more important. Here is a video on how to measure your body. You see way more improvements by the numbers from the measuring tape, than the scale because in the beginning you will build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat! Remember that!
Also, take pictures of yourself, from every angle. You don’t need to post these on the internet or show friends. They are for your own personal reference. Once you start seeing the changes in your body, this encourages and motivates you to keep working out. And it may encourage your friends and family members as well. Be sure to write down the date, with all your measurements, then measure yourself again at the end of the two weeks. I also recommend that you weigh yourself in the morning, before you eat anything, for your first weigh in. Then don’t weigh yourself again until two weeks is up. If you stand on the scale every day you can sometimes get discouraged. If you are building muscle you may gain weight, because muscle weighs more than fat. See this picture: 


**Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting a new workout schedule.

**Be sure to pick at least 1 day per week as a REST DAY! Try to workout at least 4-5 days a week, to get positive, faster results. I recover fast, as in my muscles aren’t too sore the next day, so I workout every day, just do lighter workouts once or twice a week. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you are in agonizing pain, and can barely walk, take a rest day, BUT be ready to get to work the next day.

***If your fitness goal is to lose more than 10lbs you will want to do much more cardio! Skipping rope, jumping on a rebounder, jogging, etc. for more minutes per day, than what I have listed. Follow your own body and work at your own pace. We are all different, starting at different levels. :)

***Feel free to split up the sets as you need to. If you can’t do 20 reps at once, cut it into more sets, so you can have some extra time to catch your breath. Work at your own pace! And also, add extra reps if you are feeling up to it. Challenge yourself whenever you can, for faster results! 

***Be sure to warm up/stretch and cool down after each workout, so you injure yourself. Videos at for warm up and cool down at the bottom of this page. If you have bad joints, knees, etc. I highly recommend buying a rebounder mini trampoline. I use a Rebound Air because they have a lifetime warranty, but you can find other brands at any local sporting goods store, Target, or Wal-Mart.

Here are the videos so you can know how to do each exercise properly. Warm up and cool down are very important! 

Warm up (to do before workouts)

Cool Down (to do at the end of your workouts)

Jumping Jacks (regular and beginner)

Push Up (regular and beginner)




Modified Burpees

Russian Twists (can add weights if you’d like)

Coffee Table Dips (I don’t have a bench so I use my coffee table)

Calf Raises

Jogging in place

Skipping rope (jump roping)

Jogging on the rebounder

Jumping Jacks on the rebounder 

HIIT Skipping (jump rope) 30 seconds skipping, 30 seconds rest. 

If you want the workouts typed up where you can print them off email me at say you want the Free 2 Week Beginners Workout Program and I’ll send it to you. :) You can also email me if you have any questions! If you want know about my diet plan, what motivates me, my favorite athletic gear, anything like that just email me with your questions. I am here to help! Also, I post my daily food diary on this blog, so if you want to eat how I’m eating view my blog daily. 

To Your Health
Kimra Luna – The Miss Fit Mama 

Day 1 workout for beginners

Day 2 Workout for beginners

Day 3 workout for beginners

Day 4 workout for beginners

What is HIIT? It means High Intensity Interval Training. I prefer this kind of cardio because you get to take a 30 second break in between. That way you can get a sip of water, and catch your breathe, before going at it again. Hiit Jogging in place OR Skipping (jump rope) for 5 minutes (this is jog or skip as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then 30 second break, do this repeatedly until you get up to 5 minutes)

day 5 workout for beginners

day 6 workout for beginners

Day 7 workout for beginners

Day 8 workout for beginners

For Day 8 Workout

***Start looking through some workout videos online, on youtube. See if you can find any that you think you would be able to do all the moves. If you are feeling like a challenge, add a short video to your routine for the next 6 days. Here is a playlist of my favorite beginner workout videos.

Day 9 workout for beginners

day 10 workout for beginners

day 11 workout for beginners

day 12 workout for beginners

Day 13 workout for beginners

day 14 workout for beginners

Congrats!!! You have now been working out for 2 weeks!! That is honesty better than what 90% of people do, so I congratulate you making the decision to get in shape!

Now that you have been working out for 2 weeks, I recommend stepping it up!! Examine how you did over the past 2 weeks. Do you feel that you have got stronger? Do you want to the workouts for another to weeks to build up more strength, before jumping onto more challenging workouts?

If you are ready to get into more challenging exercises I recommend buying a few weights or even buying a gym membership and working with a trainer. You could also buy a fitness DVD to follow along with or just adding more daily youtube videos to your workout regimen. I took the free route and just started looking for youtube videos, mainly videos from the . I wanted to add to my daily workout routine. I own a rebounder, so I started doing some free youtube video rebounding workouts. I’m all about mixing things up. I don’t like following a rigid workout schedule, but as you gain strength you can do a schedule, as you learn how your body works. Here is a playlist of my favorite workout videos

Everyone’s body is different. :)

7 thoughts on “Beginners Workout Program

  1. tammy Booth

    Thank you so so much for posting this..I am new at working out although I am 36 years old…I do some stuff at night before i go to bed..i am a night owl…I have been searching everywhere for something easy to do and easy to follow..You give me inspiration…Thank you again…

  2. cathy

    I came across your ab challenge on pinterest (I started doing last night), which lead me to your site. Thank you for sharing your workouts and your journey! Your such an inspiration.

    • The Miss Fit Mama

      Glad you like it!! Hope you get the results you are looking for! :)

  3. got really motivated to start up your program.. :)

  4. Kimra Luna

    Awesome! Let me know how it goes!! :)

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